Meghan’s Grandmother Jeanette Very Different to Queen

While Prince Harry’s grandmother is one among the wealthiest – and most famous – women globally, Meghan Markle’s gran was grown up in very strange circumstances and environment.

However, she was not less intense. Jeanette Ragland died in 2000 at the age of 71. His father was a hotel bellboy and a lift operator.

‘She was just like the man of the family, and therefore the mother and wife. She was quite a weapon,’ said her son, Joseph Johnson, last week.

Joseph, 68, said: ‘Meghan would sit there and ask her by holding her hand, cook for her and look out of her – whatever she could to bring comfort. She loved her grandmother.’

And Jeanette helped raise Meghan, compatible with Joseph while Doria was working, the star’s mother.

Joseph said, My mother babysat while Doria was looking busy to pursue her career. She would re-evaluate to my mother’s house to select her up, When Doria got off work.

James Arnold, Jeanette’s father who is a bellboy at the St Regis in Cleveland. And Ohio, where he fell crazy with its lift operator, Netty.


Moreover, Jeanette belongs to Cleveland. And in the same place, she chooses Joseph Johnson to get married. Moreover, after that, the couple has two children: Saundra and Joseph Jnr.

‘I think she was 19 or 20 once they married. She was young,’ said Joseph. ‘They separated once we were two or three, and she or he raised us alone.’

For five years, Jeanette struggled as one mother. ‘She try her best. However, Joseph said, she worked hard and kept us fed and clothed always.

Alvin Ragland became Jeanette’s second husband and his father to Meghan’s mother, Doria.

But the union didn’t last. ‘Jeanette didn’t marry a 3rd time. One of her aims was to keep her family together. Therefore, so I feel her life was an excellent success,’ added Joseph.

A bishop who sparked outrage when he came to know Prince William’s marriage would last only 7 years. And now they have denied to praise Prince Harry and his would-be bride.


Pete Broadbent is the acting Bishop of London, whose bishopric includes Kensington Palace. It is a place where the couple lives. Moreover, he said ‘refused to talk’ when asked whether he wished Prince Harry and Meghan Markle an extended and having a happy marriage.

His comments compared with the pleasure shown by other senior clerics. They include the Archbishop of York John Sentamu and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Bishop Broadbent, 65, was suspended within the run-up to Prince William’s wedding in 2011. Whereas after The Mail on Sunday reported that he had branded the Prince and Kate Middleton his fiancee’ shallow celebrities’ and called the Royals’ philanderers’ who cost ‘an arm and a leg.’

He said in a famous Facebook rant. He couldn’t stand the ‘repulsive tosh’ surrounding the event. Moreover, he also suggested that he and fellow republicans should attend Calais for the day.

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