New Pokémon Snap is Coming To The Nintendo Switch On April 30th

While 2021 has mostly proved to be a good, more chaotic version of the hellscape that was 2020. At least, we have some solace (read: taking pictures of a Squirtle riding a Lapras) to seem forward to. New Pokémon Snap, a remake of the beloved Nintendo 64 game, is heading to Nintendo turn on 30th April, 2020.

Last June, the Pokémon game was announced alongside the Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion pack. However, it is often the primary time we’ve gotten a release date.

New Pokémon Snap, a sequel to the 1999 N64 classic that tasked you with taking pictures of Pokémon, is coming to Nintendo turn on 30th April, Nintendo announced today during a new trailer.

Budding Pokémon photographers better prepare, since New Pokémon Snap is coming to Nintendo turn on 30th April. On Thursday, the airing date was uncovered, alongside a trailer showing the game’s Lental region.

Moreover, the game will include quite 200 Pokémon species from the series eight generations. And the Professor Mirror will judge your photography skills as you travel through the region. There’s also some quite plot involving the Illumina phenomenon, which makes some Pokémon and vegetation glow.

In New Pokémon Snap, players control a Pokémon photographer who crosses through Lental. However, a neighborhood filled with beautiful scenery, from lush jungles to sandy beaches. Players collaborate with the region’s Pokémon expert, Professor Mirror, and his assistant Rita to conduct ecological surveys, photograph and observe Pokémon in their natural habitats.


Gameplay remains almost like its predecessor, during which players travel in an auto-driving vehicle while visiting various locations within the region, taking pictures to create their “Photodex.”

Points are awarded supported the standard of the photos you’re taking, and a bit like the first game, players can use items like apples to lure Pokémon in closer for a far better shot.

The current year may be a big year for Pokémon because the series celebrates its 25th anniversary. Yesterday, the Pokémon Company International announced it had been launching a series of musical events.

It had been collaborating with pop singer Katy Perry alongside other “rising artists to award-winning global superstars” to celebrate the franchise’s major milestone.

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