The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer: Every Star Wars Easter Egg!

discharge, speculation about Din Djarin, and Baby Yoda’s next adventure are at an all-time high. Whether it’s who that mysterious stranger is or the precise rules of space wrestling, there’s much to decode.

And while you’ll have noticed that the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett isn’t present within the new trailer for The Mandalorian Season 2, an intriguing new theory explains how he could still be alive and make an appearance within the Disney+ show.

This is not what everyone is used to, due to the new movies in the Star Wars Universe which have been mostly all out of the direction and all over the place, to say the least!

Other Details About The Story

Those movies are good and bad in their own ways. However, if one goes back to where it all started. And it begins to watch the Original three Movies of Star Wars (leaving out all the new movies) and then watches The Mandalorian.

You will begin to see what makes The Mandalorian unequivocally Brilliant and original just like those first three Star Wars movies in the franchise.

There is a lot of new ways for the franchise to move now with The Mandalorian and it has that magical feel and even though it’s not a box office hit of a movie. It is a hit of a TV Show with some very smart moves and very smart decisions that were made to make it as good as it is!

This is what Star Wars is, this is the fiber of what Star Wars is about and it runs smoothly and seamlessly like the new movies should have been.

All in all, it is believed that The Mandalorian, its first and upcoming seasons will no doubt delight all of our fans out there. There are some episodes that aren’t up to scratch with the others. It just shows you that even when mistakes are made with brilliant material.

You still get an excellent overall experience and watching this brought you back to your childhood when watching those original films.

Like all trailers, The Mandalorian season 2’s trailer is meant to hide the maximum amount on reveal, whetting fans’ appetite to ascertain what does happen.

Still, it features tons of important Easter eggs that hint at a more serialized approach to storytelling, with the Mandalorian is now searching to locate the Jedi.

Let’s examine all the Easter eggs.

A Mysterious Gas Giant And A Moon

It’s a giant galaxy, and every one the most superficial Star Wars films TV series expands it. However, Lucasfilm Television’s commitment to doing just that was demonstrated within the Mandalorian season 1, which introduced an entire host of latest planets to the world.

The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer opens with a commitment that it’ll still add new worlds to the galaxy, with a gap shot featuring an unknown Jovian planet.

No context is provided for this unique and innovative world, so it’s going to be a severe location, or it could just be a stopping-off point.

The Razor Crest Is Damaged

The Razor Crest flies into view, moving towards the strange moon. However, Mando’s ship has clearly taken a battering and noted that the landing ramp is down for a few reasons.

It does not mean the Razor Crest’s interior is exposed to vacuum, though, because within the Star Wars galaxy, most ships have force-fields as secondary protection within the event where something is happening like this.

However, ill, there’s still clearly a story behind this, perhaps suggesting Mando has barely survived some kind of starfighter. And it is now headed on this mystery moon for sanctuary. The last shots reveal that the Razor Crest is burning up in an environment.

Its flight barely controlled and giving the damage. Moreover, the Razor Crest has sustained, that likely continues from here.

The music within the Mandalorian season 2’s trailer may be a riff on the season 1, bogged down. It has made it more contemplative. It gives the trailer a more self-confident and nuanced feel – but there’s still tons of progress to follow.

The Mandalorian & The Child

The trailer for “The Mandalorian Season 2” moves on to point out its starring characters. Mandoor Din Djarin, as he was finally named in season 1 and Baby Yoda.

The bond between the 2 seems to possess grown closer since season 1, suggesting there’s been some passage of your time interval. The trailer shows some of the dialogues from the Armorer in season 1.

Due to which she asked to ascertain the one who had been worth such a lot of disruption to the last remnants of Mandalorian civilization. It gave a mission to Din Dujardin. It is often a sensible advance part of Lucasfilm because it emphasizes season 2 as the next sequel of that story. It’s impossible to mention what world Mando and Baby Yoda are on it now because it’s only visible once you adjust the color contrast.

They’re arriving within the dead of night, which can or might not be deliberate; it’s easier to slide into a town unnoticed when tons of the inhabitants are asleep.

A Mysterious City Location – With Curious Graffiti

It seems Baby Yoda Mando is walking into a strange city. And in this area, the style of architecture is unknown. Therefore, it might be another fresh location.

Adjusting the color contrast reveals the walls are covered with graffiti. And there is some discussion the artwork is like Sabine Wren’s in Star Wars Rebels. However, the second season of The Mandalorian has cast Rosario Dawson as a live-action Ahsoka Tano.

She or he was last seen traveling with Sabine into the Unknown Regions. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise to ascertain references to Sabine also. It’s timely to mention surely.

More and more evident samples of the artwork are going to lack. Whereas, a next shot shows Mando hanging a victim by the feet here. So it could also be on a premium.

Return To Tatooine

The Mandalorian season 2 is coming back to Tatooine, showing a Tusken Raider riding a bantha, with the Razor’s Crest within the distance. This return is practical, as the first season left tons of loose ends on Luke Skywalker’s homeworld.

There have been suggestions the last parts of the Empire had recalled some kind of presence on Tatooine. Therefore, the locals didn’t exactly welcome them with open arms; when Mando walked through Mos Eisley.

He saw Stormtrooper helmets on turnpikes and a transparent warning to the other Imperials who’d be moved to go in that area. However, he was on Tatooine in the first season. Mando met Imperial killer Fennec Shand. At Mos Espa, he claimed to be trying to form an appointment. Shand was attempting to satisfy probably going to support Tatooine.

Well, the Temuera Morrison has been cast as Boba Fett for the second season of The Mandalorian. It is generally thought that he is found out on Tatooine in the fifth episode of the first season.

The oblivious Shand was surrounded by an unseen character within the final scenes, whose boots made a clinking sound as he walked. Of course, it may merely be smart misdirection on the part of Lucasfilm.

The Mandalorian May Be Visiting Ilum

Several scenes within the Mandalorian season 2 trailer show Mando and Baby Yoda are heading to an icy world, visually corresponding to the earth Ilum. It is one among the holy sites of the Jedi Order, a planet rich in cyber crystals.

Within a year of his rise to power in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine began the method of Terraforming Ilum, transforming it into Starkiller Base. Still, this process is in its early stages when Cal Kestis visited Ilum in Jedi: Fallen Order, and therefore the aesthetics there have been just like this frigid world.

By the time of The Mandalorian, five years after the Battle of Endor, it’ll be in its final stages.

The Mandalorian Investigates A Crashed Ship

There’s another shot of this mystery ice planet, showing Mando and Baby Yoda investigating a crashed ship. It appears to be quite a small vessel, and it doesn’t look to possess been there for too long; notice that the snow hasn’t buried it.

Baby Yoda is unusually reserved and contemplative during this shot, which can well fit with the idea this is often Ilum; the pain of the kyber crystals would resonate within the Force, and Baby Yoda would sense that

A Quarren Market – Suggesting A Visit To Mon Cala?

The next shot is moving towards some market at a fishing town. The bleached color scheme is like Corellia in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but it’s worth noting most of the people at this market are members of an aquatic race called the Quarren.

They’re one among the two races who survive the earth Mon Cala, in an often tense relationship with the Mon Calamari (the most notable example of Admiral Ackbar). Mon Cala played a vital role within the Galactic war because its extensive shipyards produced many of the Rebel Alliance’s most critical capital ships.

If this is often Mon Cala, it is the first hint Mando and Baby Yoda are scouting out Republic worlds.

Mandalore Versus The Jedi

However, Armorer’s dialogues from The Mandalorian season 1 have been continuing within the background during this sequence. And it’s finally building to a climax.

The Armorer tells Din Djarin of the Jedi legends, a race against the Mandalorians eons ago. She is recounting the tale of Mandalore the good, the Mandalorian, who became a Jedi Knight but left them. Of course, she is additionally hinting at the origin of the Darksaber. The sole known black lightsaber alive, this is often almost sacred to the Mandalorians and is traditionally wielded by their leader.

Moff Gideon was revealed to possess acquired it at the top of The Mandalorian season 1, and attentive viewers will note the Darksaber’s sound being activated within the background because the Armorer discusses the history between the Jedi.

And therefore, the Mandalorians. Consistent with Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Moff Gideon may be a key to Moff Gideon’s past, which possibly features a lot to try to to with where he comes from and his desire to create a planet and convey it back together.”

Season 2’S Mission: Delivering Baby Yoda To The Jedi

The Mandalorian season 1 was essentially a series of one-shot adventures, but season 2 feels to possess a standard serialized approach.

Consistent with The Mandalorian season 2’s trailer, the overarching plot is that the Armorer’s mission Din Djarin was to return Baby Yoda to his kind, believed to be the Jedi. This quest would explain why he would attend a legendary Jedi world like Ilum.

Moreover, why he’d head into Republic space, given there would be legends of Luke Skywalker’s victories for the Rebel Alliance. Mark Hamill isn’t expected to seem, but instead, Mando will ultimately find his thanks to Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano. Personally, Given Ahsoka knew Master Yoda. She’ll recognize Mando’s diminutive sidekick.

Introducing Sasha Banks

The Mandalorian’s season 2 trailer moves on to introduce Sasha Banks’ character, standing in shadows watching Mando and Baby Yoda.

There’s been some speculation Banks has been cast as a live-action Sabine Wren, but frankly, that seems unlikely; Banks’ complexion is different, and her face and visual communication demonstrate none of Sabine’s vitality.

The trailer itself appears to be hinting Banks may be a Jedi, but that seems distinctly odd because this is often well before Luke Skywalker began passing on what he had learned. Its possible Ahsoka has taken on a Padawan of her own, though.

A Quarren Boat

Sailing has become all the craze in Star Wars after Star Wars: the increase of Skywalker and Mando heads out on a Quarren boat. No context is provided for this scene, but it’s going to be a part of his investigations into the Jedi.

The Jedi had a presence on Mon Cala even into the Dark Times. It comes with Darth Vader personally leading a strike team against Order 66 survivors who had taken refuge there.

The Razor Crest Flying With Republic X-Wings

The trailer of “The Mandalorian season 2” suggesting that Mando will ally with the New Republic. Because he’s seen flying alongside X-Wings.

There are only a few of X-Wings, and that they seem to figure with Mando on an attack run. Lucasfilm will get to tread carefully here. Because Mando already knows the Empire is still tons more active than the New Republic realized.

Luckily, it should not be much challenging to dodge significant flow problems. Din Dujardin isn’t precisely chatty. Therefore, he’d probably only disclose the information if he felt there had been credits in it.

The Mandalorian On A Speeder Bike (With Boba Fett’s Armor?)

This time the trailer of “The Mandalorian season 2” is again moving back to Tatooine, with Mando and Baby Yoda traveling across the dunes on a speeder bike.

It’s an iconic shot, so it isn’t hard to ascertain why this is often within the trailer. But there’s no context. It’ll be interesting to determine whether season 2 has only one episode on Tatooine. Moreover, it stays on Luke Skywalker’s homeworld for an extended period of your time.

It is simple to miss, and you do not get a transparent view. However, Mando appears to be carrying something on the rear of the speeder – possibly pieces of Boba Fett’s armor.

Cara Dune And Greef Karga

Cara Dune and Greef Karga are returning within the Mandalorian season 2, although the trailer suggests they will not play a serious role. This shot is recognizable as Navarro, allowing Greef Karga, has been rebuilding the Bounty Hunters Guild chapter there.

It’s quite amusing to imagine Cara Dune now working as Karga’s lieutenant within the Guild, given she was first introduced on the run from them in season 1. Presumably, her bounty has either expired or been waived.

More New TIE Fighters At A Mysterious Imperial Outpost

The Mandalorian season 1 introduced a replacement TIE Fighter, the so-called “Outland TIE Fighter,” with wings that folded when landing. It might imply the Outland TIE Fighter is piloted by specialists who are skilled at both aerial and ground combat because it appears designed to land in even the foremost inhospitable of terrains.

The Outland TIE Fighter is looking again with action in the Mandalorian season 2 trailer. It is showing with a quick glimpse of an Imperial outpost crammed with them. Moreover, Jon Favreau, the showrunner, has always claimed The Mandalorian will explore the origin of the primary Order.

This show is still revealing how the Imperial Remnant morphed into a replacement form. And therefore, the trailer suggests that promise is going to be fulfilled. This shot is rapidly followed by descriptions of Stormtroopers, together with Imperial Scout Troopers, supporting the resolution.

The Mandalorian Trapped Underwater

It is showing a brief shot of the Mandalorian struggling in some trap underwater. It’s reasonable to assume this is often a part of the episode assail a Waterworld, presumably Mon Cala.

At an equivalent time, though, Mando’s desperation is quite odd; you’d expect his armor to possess an indoor oxygen supply for this type of eventuality. The rationale for his urgency may be that he fears something is occurring to Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian’s Jetpack

The Mandalorian season 1 saw Mando finally acquire a jet pack. He did not have much time to coach with it before it sustained some damage during the fight with Moff Gideon. However, it’s still functional.

There’s the round of Din Djarin using it to launch himself off a Cliffside. It is often a single shot of the jet pack in use, suggesting Mando still hasn’t quite integrated it with his usual combat style. Notice the lighting and colors correspond with the Imperial outpost, meaning he could also be close to begin a strafing run.

The Mandalorian Betrayed At A Gamorrean Fighting Match

The Mandalorian attends a Gamorrean fighting match, apparently to satisfy with an Abyssin named Gore Keresh (according to the subtitles). Koresh tells Mando that this is often no place to bring a toddler, but Mando insists Baby Yoda stays with him in the least times – which prompts betrayal.

It’s reasonable to assume Keresh may be a crime lord of some kind, and this might well indicate an escalation of Imperial pursuit; the Bounty Hunters Guild has did not usher in Mando, so now the Empire is functioning with criminals also.

They are making history with this, with even Darth Vader personally meeting Jabba the Hutt once.

Hilariously, Baby Yoda retracts his crib’s shield, with the fan-favorite character conveying a profound sense of weariness. He knows specifically what’s close to happening. However, the fight itself is blacked out.

Moreover, it’s safe to mention Mando emerges victorious. And Gore Keresh learns the hard way why it is a bad idea to betray a Mandalorian warrior.

“This Is The Way”

The blacked-out battle ends, and Mando kills one among the Gamorreans from the fight club permanently.

He obeys “This is the Way,” is a line that has essentially become the show’s catchphrase. And is thus giving prominence within the trailer. Mando is, of course, about the code of honor that he lives by – which can have prompted him to reply to Gore Koresh’s treachery in brutal fashion.

A New Logo For The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian season 2 trailer ends with the show’s new logo. It shows Mando and Baby Yoda walking side by side in an unknown world.

Baby Yoda’s existence is deliberately concealing in marketing for season 1. But now he too is a longtime a part of The Mandalorian’s identity as a Star Wars TV series. T

he new season will begin on October 30, with episodes presumably releasing consistent with the typical Disney+ weekly schedule.

The Razor Crest Flying With Republic X-Wings


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