The Relationship of Excel and PDF Files

The trend of today’s corporate industry has drifted from fieldwork to online jobs. Despite the pandemic situation we are currently facing, it has been accepted that working online is the next big thing. Aside from it pays well, it has also made people’s lives much more convenient and accessible. Imagine earning money by staying at home? Best case scenario.

The involvement of PDFs in this online corporate world is more than you can imagine. Most files are saved into this format because of its compact and less-adjustable features. On the other hand, Excel spreadsheets are vastly useful in managing large amounts of data. How do they work together?

Why Convert Excel To PDF

We will first identify why we have to convert Excel to PDF. Although spreadsheets are vital in handling tons of information such as financial data and accounting services, most people convert them to PDF when they are in for reference checking only. Of course, if you have to make significant modifications to your spreadsheets, you can use the MS Excel program.

For instance, your direct manager asks you to send him a copy of your spreadsheet data for his reference; it is ideal for converting it to the portable document format. Why? Because your file will be shrinking to a smaller size making it more comfortable for online sending. It also becomes less-modifiable and avoids unnecessary edits when transmitted to another user.

To convert your Excel to PDF, select the PDF Converter option on the home page of PDFBear.

Browse your Excel file and upload it to the PDFBear converter tool. You can do the standard upload or simply drag your file.

The conversion will only take less than 20 seconds, and you can now choose to save your file to your disk directly or copy its URL.

Another critical reason to convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF is to maintain its security. Provided that most spreadsheet contents are related to accounting and finances, it must contain tighter security to protect privacy and confidentiality. PDFs can be password-protected files making it the best choice for your files’ safety.

How To Modify PDFs With Spreadsheets

Since you have now learned to keep your data contents safe and secure with PDF, we will now discuss how to modify these files. Another example is that if your direct manager asks you to edit most of your spreadsheets’ content, it is somewhat impossible when in the portable document format.

The best way to surpass this is by converting your PDF to the Excel form. You can follow the same steps mentioned above to accomplish its conversion. PDFBear offers a free yet quality conversion service. After converting, you can now make adjustments to your records as if you are just making a spreadsheet from scratch.

Reducing File Size For Online Data Transmitting

Excel files are generally small-sized files when only containing moderate amounts of records. However, if you are asked to handle broad compilations of Excel files, that’s a different story. For example, your direct manager asks you to submit your huge spreadsheets compilation through your email, which is quite challenging, provided that webmails have limited capacity.

With PDFBear, you have an optimal option to compress your PDF. You can transform your Excel file to PDF, then compress it online for free. You can visit PDFBear and use the PDF compress tool and avail of its vast selection of services. You can achieve quality PDF modifications for free as long as you have a good internet connection.


While both PDFs and Excel files are widely used in this modern society, you can always maximize these online platforms’ benefits. PDFBear is like a complete convenience store that can accommodate all your PDF needs.

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